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Originally Posted by Web Rider View Post
Yes, I've actually generally felt the entire Old Republic has been far too "advanced" for it's time. Sure, ships are smaller and not as powerful, but they just seemed out of place. I mean, this is 3500-4000 years before "modern" times. The improvements to technology, especially those created during war, should have turned "advanced" droids like the HK series into driods that almost perfectly replicate a human.
That would assume that technological development always is a linear increase, which it not necessarily always the case. Plenty of cases from the history of human civilization on Earth where technological innovations have been made, only to be forgotten again and reinvented a few centuries later. There are dark ages of technological and scientific decline, followed by new upswings, civilizations rising and falling, knowledge lost due to war and natural disasters etc.

(Besides, Star Wars is (mostly) fantasy. And in fantasy worlds always seem to be in decline with the "Ancients", "Old Ones" etc always being portrayed as way more powerful than anything contemporary. )

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