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I don't download new games, movies, music, etc... but if I want to play an old game that isn't being sold anymore, I download it and play it. I don't feel wrong about it.

As was already stated, what is the real difference between downloading a copy of an old game and hunting on Ebay and buying a copy? Since the game isn't being sold anymore, the designers of the game are not getting any money either way.

I don't see why people get all huffy and look down on people who download an old game that isn't being sold anymore and hasn't been sold for over 18+ years. If you feel that it is wrong to download old games, then fine, if you want to hunt around on Ebay and pay $200 or more to buy a game from some guy in Singapore and get 18+ year old disks, that may or may not work, that's up to you. But don't get upset and start acting all self righteous because someone else doesn't have a problem with downloading an old game.

Let's face it... If I download a copy of an old game, it is not hurting anybody! The game is not being sold, so I'm not taking away money from the game's designers.
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