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I am interested in your pictures. That will help a lot for describing what you are looking for.

It is possible to get Desann and Tavion styles into regular gameplay. It is mundane but all that has to be done is switch the animation names between Tav and Blue, and Des and Red. Right now I am not interested in doing that, but all one needs is mod view and notepad and it could be done.

But if you are wanting these animations for Darth Vader than I think the overpowering fits his character. The styles are a bit more powerful but not so much that it is impossible to lose when using them. Or else nobody would have beat Tavion or Desann.

One thing I would like to note is that if the pictures you use are him in a more relaxed posture, say standing and talking to Luke, they may not really fit in the game. The character would look too stationary to move about as much as one does playing JA. Doesn't mean that making these animations is a bad idea, but just that they may have limited appeal.

If you don't like typing in the console to use Tav and Des styles you could put them into a .sab file. That way all you had to do was give yourself that saber and you would have their styles.

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