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Originally Posted by DarthMaulUK View Post

NGE killed off crafting in Galaxies and since the arrival of WoW, nothing has come close to the original crafting in Galaxies. From my experiences in playing Galaxies - especially pre-cu, it's clear that there are people out there who enjoy crafting and making things.

I hope that SWTOR caters to this as not everyone wants to be forced down the combat route. Star Wars is all about the heroes, the war and those struggling just to make ends meet. Galaxies brought this home.
Totally agree. I relied heavily on my artisan friends, especially a person who became a very good friend of my through SWG - I relied on her and her crafting guild heavily for my armor and weapons. She also would make me some very stylish clothing. I paid them hansomly for their work, they loved crafting but most left during the CU, and they all left once the NGE hit.

I'd like to see a return to that in TOR.

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