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This story is too much like all the other Sith wars. A previously-hidden or only recently-formed Sith Empire comes out of nowhere and just about trashes the Republic and Jedi, setting off an epic war again. The Great Hyperspace War, the Great Sith War, and the Jedi Civil War have already happened; we don't need them again. I'd rather they came up with a conflict that's a little smaller than this. I got the impression that the galaxy was supposed to gradually settle down for a little while after KOTOR 2.

If for some reason a smaller conflict was undesirable, why couldn't they just take a different conflict in galactic history? It's not like they're short on big conflicts. The New Sith Wars would be better than a totally new devastating conflict, because I can already tell that this "Great War" and its aftermath will not go well with the rest of continuity at all. There's just not enough freaking room from another big Sith war.

That aside, why the hell would the Sith sign a peace treaty when they could've just finished gutting the Republic instead?

Edit: In fact, there's continuity errors already, mostly involving numerous structures and landmarks being destroyed in the Great War despite being present thousands of years later during the Galactic Civil War.

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