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The fact that everyone and their mom will be rolling a Jedi or a Sith only pushes me to level another class first. My class will be rare, and assuming end-game (even certain story events while leveling probably) requires more than just a Jedi/Sith, I'll be in high demand.

By the way, there was a clue as to whether you need to train your abilities, or you're a Jedi off the bat. In one of the interviews (This one) they inform you of what exactly you'll be facing as a Lv1 Sith.

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Does ths mean you won't be asking Jedi to go out and kill nine rats or nerfs?

Daniel: Here's a great example. In the videos and in the concept art, one of the first things you saw was a K'lor Slug. It was very important to me to not create when we can take. Lucas has such a huge backlog of great, exciting stuff, so when of the first things I asked for was the art team to make the Dejarik set. The point to that is this: the K'lor Slug is twenty feet tall, horrible and can eat your whole face. That's what you fight as level 1 as a Sith.

The first thing you ever fight in the game is that thing. You never do anything less heroic than that. There are no bunnies. There are no rats. There are no snakes. At no point will your Sith be sitting down with thread and needles wondering how he's going to make a pair of shoes.

There ar a huge number of incredibly non-heroic things that are traditionally in MMOs simply because there was no contextualization to deny them.
Granted, this is about a Sith. But if you're ready to take on a K'lor Slug at Lv1, I think its fairly safe to say you'd be able to as Jedi.
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