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I'd like enough crafting to maximize customization without it being required for advancement--i.e. it can drop as loot, you can buy it, or you can make it if you want, but I'd hate to have to craft something to get to another level. That being said, I'd also like options besides pure combat in order to earn XP. One of the things I liked about Vampire the Masquerade: Bloodlines was you got xp for the encounter, not the kill--if you could sneak your way through, bluff or schmooze your way through successfully, it was worth just as much (sometimes more) than if you just killed your way through.

People seem to really like some level of crafting in LOTRO--Bob Lion has a great house and it looked like he had a good time putting it together and customizing it for himself, and that can add fun to the game just as much as taking out 10,000 sith fighters. Guild Wars doesn't have very much in the way of weapon or armor customization to near the degree that LotRO has, and from what I see on the GW boards, a lot of people would like to see more customization in GW2.

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