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Originally Posted by Jae Onasi View Post
So, the cops couldn't bring up charges on assault and battery, but could for stealing pixels?
Police/Teachers/Parents have few options in something like this.

Little cousin got jumped a few times after school and was beaten to a pulp by a group of kids a few times. Aunt went to the teachers, but the school either cannot or usually refuses to do anything about it.

The Police can be called, but unless they have proof all they have to work off of is the kids word that he was beaten up, even if he is bruised and beaten.

I'm not sure how it works there, but here the justice system as far as bullying and threats to kill between teenagers means almost nothing. They tend to only notice once the kid dies, and that is only because the media forces them to take action.

On the scale of not caring about children, Parents are second only to schools. Maybe the law says different, but the system sure doesn't care.

And unless you are willing to fork out $40,000 for a legal case on assault between teens, then nothing is going to be done period.
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