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Originally Posted by DarthParametric View Post
The whole non-heroic thing sounds disturbingly like the justification behind the NGE to me.
You mean the "It's not Star Warsy and Iconic" idea?

Personally I enjoy my killin time. But there are times when I really don't feel like killin. Those were the times I would craft while talking with the guild. BSing with friends. Managing guild issues(we reached the guild cap and were talking about creating a second guild for the alts), and creating items for guildies.

I would think it should be an optional set of skills that you can choose to take at the expense of combat skills. This way people can be more crafting geared than combat, but still not completely worthless in a fight hehe...

Of course the real key to this is to make it at least as fun as SWG's crafting. Whether it's part of the combat prof's ability or not, the key is to make it fun, engaging and useful.

I liked how SWG handled it in that the best gear was crafted, and you could get reasonable gear from loot.
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