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Gotta check out all of the articles guys!

Originally Posted by TenTonHammer
Are you going to be including anything in the game that isn't combat oriented? Maybe some classes like a smuggler, admiral or diplomat?

James: The core classes are definitely going to be oriented around heroic combat encounters. We are going to have crafting, which we think is a major part of MMOs. We're really hoping to implement that into the game in a way that feels right for Star Wars. For the longest time we were really struggling with crafting because it doesn't really feel right in Star Wars, but one of the designers came up with a great idea of how to incorporate crafting into the game without making the hero feel like he's doing something non-heroic.
The quote from above about shoes was taken out of context, from an answer Daniel gave when asked if they were going to make Jedi's go out and kill nine rats (ie WoW quest system).
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