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Originally Posted by DarthParametric View Post
Well I didn't replace anything, but even if I did I'm not sure why it would "scare the heck" out of you. The "Star Warsy and Iconic" thing was originally brought up by you - the quote I referred to was Smedley's line about the "heroic Star Wars experience" which is exactly the same thing Bioware has repeated. It seems pretty clear to me that crafting doesn't fit in with their "heroic" vision and that it isn't going to be a major element of the game. I can't see how you could derive any other interpretation.
Nah I'm merely pointing out that "feel right in star wars" could be directly replaced with "feel Star Warsy and Iconic." I'm not saying you did. Just pointing to the similarity of the two phrases. "Star warsy and iconic" has become so dreaded by the people that played SWG that it tends to scare us a bit. It was the justification for getting rid of some things that people really enjoyed.

Of course I have to get over that though. Bioware is not SOE. I have hopes that they are not going to head down that path. Of course while they may not have everything we want when they launch. At least they know better than to make a massive sweeping change.
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