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Osay quickly walked down the street, her five companions close behind her. They were about half-way to safety now, but Osay knew that didn't mean they could relax--not by any stretch of the imagination. She dropped back beside Tawnos and asked quietly, "Does Lite show any sign of consciousness yet?"

"Not yet," replied Tawnos, shifting Lite's weight in his arms slightly to get a better look at her face. Her eyes were fluttering slightly, and she was drawing deep, rattling breaths, but she didn't appear to be conscious.

Osay glanced back, then she whispered, "We're being followed."

Gherion mimicked her motion and glanced quickly over his free shoulder, his grim visage unaltered by the act. "If we can see one, then there are probably others in the shadows."

Tawnos shifted Lite's weight again, the better to take a quick look around. He could indeed hear a shallow breathing, however distant, that was not created by any of their group. He cast Osay a silent look and nod, then turned to the others. "We should pick up the pace. We need to get out of here while we have the chance."

Osay's eyes darted around. Up ahead, she could see five or six familiar forms coming towards them. Three more were coming in from across the street. There was only one way left to go. She hissed, "They're hemming us in. Follow me, quickly!" Osay ducked into an alley on her left. She pulled out her datapad and started accessing a file as she sped up.

Tawnos sped up and fell into step beside her. "I'll pass Lite to Celeb, and stay behind to give you a hand - you'll need all the help you can get against this many scumbags."

Osay cast him an angry glare and snapped, "You get out of here with the others! I've handled these guys before, I can do it again!"

He opened his mouth to argue, but with one more sour look from her he sighed and nodded. He managed to slide Ashalle's dagger from his blaster holster and handed it to her. "Never know, could come in handy," he said. "Lead on."

Osay almost told him that she had two knives in her boots, but she decided not to say anything. Might as well let him think he was helping. She tucked Ashalle's dagger into her belt and replied, "Thanks. Got it!" Osay showed him the datapad. "I've managed to hook my datapad up to the PGS, the Planetary Guidance System. I have it set to guide you to my apartment. The door's locked. The access code is 8307. Lock the door behind you, and you'll be safe. I'll give this to Gherion, he has a free hand." She nodded towards a side alley up ahead. "Up there. That's where ya'll will make a run for it." Osay glanced over her shoulder. "We should make it with just enough time to spare."

Gherion took the datapad and examined it carefully. "Looks like we're not very far, when we're out of sight, a fast jog should get us there in five minutes." He looked at Ashalle, and spoke in a quiet, soothing voice, "Can you manage it?"

Ashalle nodded, looking rather nauseous but determined.

Tawnos turned back to Osay before following the others. "We'll wait for you for an hour, at most. If you haven't joined us by then, I'll come looking for you."

Osay replied confidently, "I'll be back before that hour is up." She stepped into the side alley, pressed herself back against the wall, and whispered fiercely, "Now!"
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