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Originally Posted by PaintOnASign View Post
If this game was free, I wouldn't play it. If I have to buy an expansion every 3-6 months or "The Old Republic 2" (like Guild Wars), I wont be playing it. People need to realize what exactly they're paying for when there's a subscription cost. Everything requires an upkeep. I'm happier knowing my money/month goes to the staff in charge of the game, knowing full well that while I'm supplying money, they're still continuing to update and progress the game further.
Mathematically, I find it improbable that a game requires 150 million(15 a month x 10 million users, assuming they pay at least once a year for a month) dollars a year to upkeep, even if only half of that is upkeep and half is profit. Given that many players pay for more than once a month a year, we're probably looking at 300 million annually. That's a LOT of money. The movie Titanic only cost 100 million more.

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