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Osay struggled to remain coherent. Talk. She needed to talk. She forced a slight grin and asked in a raspy voice, "So, anything happen while I was gone, or did I have all the fun?"

Tawnos chuckled, despite the seriousness of the situation. "Yeah, it looks like you got selfish on us," he said. "But you took a beating. From what I can tell, you've lost a significant amount of blood, and this looks like it's already been infected. We need to get you the proper treatment, before it gets any worse."

Osay winced. "I think I agree with you." Her hand rose, her fingers still wrapped around the handle of Ashalle's knife. "Here's your knife. You were right, it did come in handy." She glanced at it and added, "Sorry I didn't have time to clean it off. Kinda messy..."

He took the dagger and slid it into his blaster's holster again. "I think Ashalle will understand," he said, grinning. He looked at her for a moment, his face suddenly grim. "You should have let me stay behind."

Osay shook her head. "Nah. That passage was too narrow for two people to fight well."

"You saying I'm fat?" he asked, trying his best to distract her from the pain while he tended to her wound.

Osay pulled in her breath sharply as Tawnos gently cleaned her wound with the disinfectant. She growled, "No. If you were, I would've brought you along as the shield."

He laughed, despite himself. "Guess that's a step up from how you thought of me a few days ago, eh?"

Osay croaked out a short laugh. "Yea, you could say that."

He doused more disinfectant on the cloth he was using before replying. "Well, if it means anything, you've redeemed yourself in my eyes since we first met, too."

Osay smiled distantly. "Always good to know one less person in the galaxy hates you." She let out a sharp gasp as the cloth touched her again.

"Yeah, well... sometimes I get a little... carried away with my persona - the mask I through up. Used to be I just used it to hide, but these days I use it to... push people away." He looked at her oddly. He realised with a chill that he had never talked about this with anyone before, and reeled himself under control again. He cleared his throat. "So, yeah," he said, suddenly uncomfortable. "I just... want to say sorry. For being an ass."

Osay bit her tongue hard before answering, "Apology accepted. While we're on the subject, I'm sorry, as well."

He shook his head. "Don't worry about it," he said, slowly dabbing at her wound again.

The girl suddenly remembered something. "Is Lite awake?"

Tawnos glanced over his shoulder, where Gherion was now tending to her. "No yet, no," he said. "She's still out cold, but she's not in any immediate danger." He turned back to face her. "Which is more than can be said for you," he muttered, returning to her arm.

Osay grimaced as he lightly dabbed her arm. That knife she'd been cut with had probably been filthy. She needed to clean out her arm, preferably quickly instead slowly, like Tawnos was doing it. The girl's jaw tensed. She'd had enough of this. Time to get the job done.

Osay reached over herself with her good hand and grabbed the bottle of disinfectant from beside her head. Before Tawnos could stop her, she poured a good part of it into her wound. Osay screamed in agony as the stinging fluid ran across her exposed nerve endings and muscle tissue. She dropped the bottle a few moments later. Her nervous system twisted from the shock. Osay's hand caught Tawnos's wrist. She gasped, "Don't leave me!" just as she passed out.

Tawnos was momentarily shocked by Osay's sudden outburst. Not sure whether he had heard her right or not, he shook off his confusion and cursed. "Damn woman..." he muttered, tossing aside the now nearly empty bottle of disinfectant. He wrapped a fresh cloth around her arm, and tied the makeshift bandage tight. He checked her over one last time. Satisfied that she only had the one serious wound, he sighed and rose from his crouched position at her side. He rubbed his eyes, a wave of exhasution breaking over him, and spoke to the room at large. "We should head back," he said. "Celeb, you take Lite. I'll carry this one," he continued, indicating Osay. "And Gherion, keep an eye on Ashalle for me." He carefully reached beneath Osay and lifted her from the bed, taking the top-most sheet with her. "The sooner we get back to Erussa, the better..."

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