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I totally agree with ppl who want a SP game. I do too. I long for one. But it is not going to happen now, perhaps ever. LA has made its decision clear, I am sad to say, There have been so many valient attempts to get them to realize the playability and the value of their older titles. They ignore them. There is a wonderful group of modders working to salvage KoTOR I and II, and i have high hopes that they will manage to heal some of the damage that was caused by Lucas Arts forcing release of both titles before all that was meant to be in the games coulid be concluded, including the cutting of an entire planet that was largely ready with a complex and fascinating storyline for KoTOR I. Sigh.

I dont know for sure what the future holds. I hope hope hope that Single Player will survive the current fascination many Game Developers are having with MMO's. They think it is a way to deliver massive content to huge numbers of players but up until how, all of them, almost, have been dismal failures in terms of quality of game world and immersion, they just dont deliver what the promo art promises in terms of quality. So I am among the strongest proponents of SP, but for now, this is what we will have. So I try to encourage support so that if and when this works, or it at least brings renewed interest in the wonderful world of the Old Republic, we may at some time get a worthy KoTOR III.

I shall continue to hope and continue to support LA for they have given us JK O and JK A and the KoTOR"s and many of the other games have fine qualities too. Here's hoping the Force will remain strong.

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