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It looks interesting but I don't know if I'll get it and/or if I'll have the patience to play it. While I enjoyed MOTB's story a lot, two things made it a "do not replay" experience for me:

- the dialog system: yes, I admit the dialogs were good and well written and the story was great too. However, while I like the principle behind the influence system, I hate how it has been implemented: having to go through the same dialog branches ad nauseam just to see if you've finally gained enough influence to unlock a new conversation option with an npc is "annoying" to say the least (and to remain polite), especially when several of these conversation options give you insight on the main plot and what's going on. I admit, I am one of those persons who likes to explore dialog options and who tends to save before speaking to a party member so it might have amplified the "I've heard that at least 20 times already...time to switch the disc" feeling).

- the camera...dammit...we're in 2008...almost 2009, can't they fix that thing? The only way I could get a good angle was to constantly press the middle mouse button...I almost got a tendinitis in the end. The * on the numpad to switch camera modes wouldn't cut it for me.
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