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Amended Kavars Rules


1. Everyone is reminded that Lucasforums is a privately owned corporation and is a PG-13 forum. You are our invited guests. The staff have the challenging job of keeping the forums clean and presentable while not suffocating open discussion. If a thread is locked or a post is edited or deleted, this was a step deemed necessary in the staff's judgment. Please don't throw around irrelevant constitutional law or try to plea the case for 'less censorship'. We're not censoring, we're exercising quality control on something in which we invest a great deal of effort and time. You may present your views and opinions, whether they're popular or not, but you must do so in a respectful and courteous manner appropriate to a PG-13 forum.

2. Posting habits: Kavar's is a forum where serious topics are discussed. If you find yourself getting angry at a person or post in this forum, take time to recover your composure before hitting the 'submit reply' button.

3. We're all human here. Remember that behind all posts there is another human being. Just because you think a poster is behaving in a manner you think silly or ignorant, this does not give you the right to mock them and/or flame them.

4. Personal attacks: We realize many of the topics in Kavar's are controversial or sensitive. However, you need to keep your posts as polite as possible. Attacking other posters, either directly or through veiled insinuation and sarcasm, is not allowed on this forum. If you're feeling the need to make sarcastic comments or attacks on someone, you need to calm down or simply agree to disagree with that person. Posts that are racist, homophobic, sexist, or that directly or indirectly attack someone's character are ad hominem attacks and are not allowed. Veiled insinuations, sarcastic comments, or other impoliteness are also unacceptable, and the poster may well receive sanctions for this behavior.

5. Repeatedly posting the same thing: This refers specifically to repeating the same point over and over in a way that becomes irritating, without an attempt to clarify a point or to contribute to the conversation. This should not be construed to mean that you are required to answer someone else's questions. If it's the same argument and doesn't contribute to the discussion, the post may be edited or deleted, and the poster may receive an infraction.

6. Sanctions: If you have posted something outside of the rules, you will receive a warning or an infraction. Repeated infractions may result in a temporary or permanent ban from Kavar's/Senate forums, or from Lucasforums entirely.

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