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Originally Posted by lokfan78 View Post
... I kind of hope it tanks spectacularly so they have to make a proper SP game to recoup their losses
If it tanks, they will just bury KOTOR forever. What they need to do is learn how to LISTEN to their customers. When LA/SOE made the NGE for SWG, people on the forums told them "if these changes go live, I'm canceling all my accounts." Well, guess what. They weren't lying. Subs went way down after the NGE.

Lucasarts needs to learn to listen. The majority of players wanted KOTOR 3 with realistic graphics

Instead, they are giving us KOTOR MMO with cartoon graphics.

I mean, this was simple... K2 is finished. Now work on K3 (but give this one a little more polish). Continue and/or finish the story. We weren't asking for much. The games sold well. It's not like we were asking for a handout. We were asking for another product to buy.

Then there is the long break without any information. Rumors about an MMO start popping up. Most people on the forums say they don't want and MMO. They want K3. But Lucasarts is so darn stubborn, then pretend we don't exist.

I read when TOR is going to take place, and it all sounds good... until I remember that they can't possibly tell a great immersive story, BECAUSE it is an MMO. Too many people named Revan420 will be running around, all trying to be the main character of the server. It just doesn't work. Single player RPGs work because you are separated from the other players, and you CAN be the main character.

The sad part is they will probably make more money off of this, due to the subs. They will then feel vindicated, because that is the only way they measure success. It doesn't matter if it is a quality game or not. Lucas has a bazillion dollars. You would think that since he will never go starving, that he would be more focused on keeping his company's reputation strong, than earning every last penny he can.

I truly hope I am proven wrong, and that TOR is an awesome game. But when I saw awesome, I mean that it reminds me so much of K1 and K2 (strong story, that once gets immersed in). If it doesn't do that, I hope LA loses a lot of money on it, so more people can tell them "Don't blame us, WE wanted K3, and we told you so. You gave us something else"

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