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Lightbulb Suggestion Thread

Alright - I was thinking we could have one, big thread where we could put our suggestions about what we want in the MMORPG.

I really don't want to retype all of my ramblings, so I will just quote them

Originally Posted by SpartanPride View Post
The ships would be cool. They could have Guild Ships.

Actually, what if instead of guilds, they had crews?

The Crew Captain could find uses for his guild crew members, and assign them jobs, (I.E. Piloting, Turrets).

But the amount of members you could have in your crew would depend on how much room the ship had.

If your ship was full, you would have to upgrade or add a new room to your ship to add a new crew member.

It would add a whole new dimension to doing missions together.

Think about it, maybe the crew comes and drops off some shock troops, and then hovers over them while the turret operator covered the shock troops.

When somebody died, they could respawn in the med room on the ship. The time it took for them to respawn would depend on how good the ships medic was.

When the shock troops finished the mission, the pilot picks them up at an extraction point, and they fly off.


As cool as I think that would be, I'm just rambling, and it's highly unlikely anything like that would happen.

However, I think spaceships would offer a new fresh breath of air from housing or guild towns.

Oh, another thought that occurred to me: players could buy there own small ships, and harbor them in the Guild Ship.

That in itself would be a good reason to join a guild.

For example, let's compare a player advertisement to join a Guild in Guild Wars, A Guild in Warcraft, and a crew for the KOTOR MMO.

Guild Wars - "Join *Guild Name* today! We have full hall, 90+ active members, capes!

WoW - "Join *Guild Name* today! We have awesome tabard, guild bank, 100+ members. We run instances daily!

My Idea of a Ship Crew - Looking for a pilot to join the crew of the *ship name!* We have 9 active, fun, expert crew members! We have a large sized room and a spot in the hanger for your ship!

^However, in Star Wars, there are large ships. If a crew got prosperous enough, it could be possible to have 500 crew members in one ship - or more, or less. But you get the idea.

I personally, would like to be a smaller, tight-knit crew :P

^ And there I go again, rambling off, for something that probably won't happen XD


Second Rambling


Originally Posted by SpartanPride View Post
I think I may have an idea as to how the unique character story lines work.

Anybody familiar with the 1996 game, the Elder Scrolls II: Daggerfall? (Not Oblivion or Morrowind, Daggerfall :P )

Daggerfall's character creation was the best I've seen to date, you could create any character you could think of. I mean anything.

You could have a character who was extra bold against people, but had a phobia, and would fight worse against Spiders. Whatever you could possibly think of for your character, you could do.

Now, what was especially interesting about Daggerfall's character generation system was when they asked you twelve questions.

For example, one of the questions was, "Who was your best friend as a child?'

You could pick answers such as, "a monk," "a thief" or a ton more options.

Now, with twelve questions with about 8 possible answers for each question, the game was able to come up with a randomly generated character biography, meaning you could view your character's history. Another interesting thing to note is that you start with items from your history, so for example, maybe one of the questions ask "As a gift, the emperor gave you a..."

Depending on what you chose, you would start with that item at the beginning of the game.

The history's always made sense, and were very, very interesting. I would actually spend hours, just making characters to see there history. The history's were always completely different from each other.

Anyway, just one possible way these unique character story lines could work.

I wouldn't mind if they used the Daggerfall method, in fact, if they did, I might just have to spend a couple hours coming up with unique character histories as I could =)

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