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i have had the same problems and i tryed the winRAR thing with the assets0.pk3 and that worked just fine and now im getting it with assets1.pk3 two and i tryed winRAR and doing the same thing all i get with alot of the files is "I/O" problem or it tells me that it wont read the files and asks to keep going.. but still nothing any help guys please? i had this game for my xbox and LOVED it and one of my friends gave me the PC discs's so i want to play agan and its such a problem to get this thing going....HELP all this to work but now i gotta move over to the other thread on the openGL cause now im having that now what .. i have looked at the OpenGL thread and there is nothing there for my card its a S3 savage IX and i cant seem to find much for drivers ... any help thanks

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