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Originally Posted by Rev7 View Post
Another thing to think about....why don't we see any more Republic escape pods on the surface of Taris. If there were more than one ship, there would most likely be more escape pods launched with means that there should be more than just several escape pods on the surface of Taris....just some food for thought.
Aren't you forgetting about the escape pods that crashed on the Undercity? We only manage to see one, but there are certainly others around, as stated by the dwellers and Lower City gang members. There's also the crewmembers found on Zelka's Clinic. He says that on the aftermath of the battle, "people started secretly bringing them [the republics] here [the clinic]."

The same can be said of the Jedi battle fleet. We only get to see one cruiser, but that doesn't mean there aren't others - they're simply implicit. And by the time the initial cutscene starts, the battle seems to be ending. We may notice that on the way the Endar Spire looks damaged.


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