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Haha, yes. Yes, we are

I new one. I've actually tried to amp it up a little with this one. [Yes, Burnesyy, you've made me push myself with writing this poetry. ]
Tell me what you think!

- Mien Visage -

Spiritual desire of the utmost draconic.
Cynical remarks to cover up disappointment.
Being of malevolence, perpetual siren.
Seeking out truth to discover resentment.
Eye's wide; petulant.
Arm's folded to hold in secrets.
Bubbling underneath the obscurity.

Ecstasy of thrill;
spiral down to everything below.
Presence of a consciousness,
Forever endowed with the knowledge of loss.
Knowledge of freedom.
Cliche rebellion within a heart's core,
A beat of the dark wings, something more.
Sick and tired.
Sense of a feeling,
Shadow of a thought,
Why all of this useless killing?

Adored yet anathematized,
Scorned and hunted.
Ennui with hollow sense, wait - there it is.
Tell the secrets, burn the foundations,
Spill the cup of depravity.
Taste it. Drink it.
Desecration and desire.
They are more linked than you will ever know.

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