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@Above post: I'll consider it. Right now, I can only do minimal modding while my main comp is being fixed. (I did backup all my stuff on to CDs / DVDs; So, progress on my mods isn't entirely hindered.)

I have no updates yet, but I have screenshots, that I haven't posted here before, from WIP's I'm doing. For the second mod mentioned below, I tried to make the transitions as subtle as possible to ensure that it would be realistic.

Expanded Jedi Council 2.0
Pic 1*
Pic 2

Playable Yuthura Ban
Default Head
D1 head
D2 head
D3 head
Fully darkside head

* (I verified he & the other two Masters from K1 that I've added were among those at the Conclave on Katarr. The other two were present regardless, but Vandar's death depended on the K1 PC's alignment. LS = his death on Katarr with the other Jedi; DS = well, i'm not gonna leak spoilers for those who haven't played the DS ending of K1, nor for those who haven't played K1 at all.)

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