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Originally Posted by Lance Monance View Post
I don't doubt that TOR has the potential to be a great MMO. But MMOs do not revolve around an immersive plot and great voiced dialogue. They simply don't. So far, every MMO's attempt to be on par with a SPRG when it comes to those things has failed.

I'm massively disappointed with LucasArts decision.
You apparently haven't listened to the press releases. That is the reason their writing staff is huge. They have said that most MMO's miss that 4th pillar of an immersive story. Everyone told them that they couldn't do that in an MMO and that was something they struggled with the most. It meant they had to work harder to achieve that.

They have also said that they wrote it with the idea that 40% of people who play MMO's actually do like to play alone for the most part. They also stated that you could go through most of the story without having to interact with others.

So it's still too early to tell whether your statement is true or false. Just because nobody has done it doesn't mean that it cannot be done. I'm giving them the benefit of the doubt. and taking them at their word on this. How much would you pay to have KotOR 3 through 10 shipped on release?
Originally Posted by Astor_Kaine View Post
Single player, definately. I'm disappointed that they seem to have cast aside all they've done for KOTOR and killed it off with just 'He's dead'.
Shakespeare killed King Lear with "he dies"
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