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Originally Posted by Tommycat View Post
So it's still too early to tell whether your statement is true or false. Just because nobody has done it doesn't mean that it cannot be done. I'm giving them the benefit of the doubt. and taking them at their word on this. How much would you pay to have KotOR 3 through 10 shipped on release?
Quick point here. Not only are you going to give a company that has shown time and again that it follows the "richest route" never listening to its fans the benefit of the doubt, but your going to take their word as truth as well? Good luck with that.

Originally Posted by LordOfTheFish View Post
What is so disappointing with an MMO? After all, a change is nice every now and then.
A lot of you miss the point. There isn't an "every now and then" anymore. TOR is now Kotor 4, 5, 6, 7 and BEYOND. They are killing the KoTOR game series with the release of a MMO. Period.
Originally Posted by The Doctor View Post
So, ultimately, I'm cautiously optimistic about this new chapter in the Old Republic era. I will definitely try it, but I'm not going to let myself get too excited about it, lest I be let down.
Many people can't even afford to be cautiously optimistic about a monthly fee during a world-wide financial crisis. Even if the world wasn't in that current state, an MMO of this level will consume HUGE amounts of time. I'm talking from when you wake up till when you go to bed. Most people can't do that. Some children have this luxury, anyone above 18 normally doesn't.

I wouldn't be surprised at this point if LA hadn't intentionally leaked info WAY back when we first heard of this idea, merely to get some fans thinking it was a good idea. The only reason I will look at this game will be BioWare. BioWare convinced me to buy an Xbox 360 to play Mass Effect, and they may convince me to pick up more hours at my work so that I can spend a few in the world of ToR. That is IF it looks AMAZING and not just "good."

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