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Originally Posted by JediMasterJambi View Post
Quick point here. Not only are you going to give a company that has shown time and again that it follows the "richest route" never listening to its fans the benefit of the doubt, but your going to take their word as truth as well? Good luck with that.
Fact is, I have enjoyed Bioware games. So far I haven't been disappointed. That's who I'm giving the benefit of the doubt. Unless I have reason to think otherwise, I'll trust them enough to make an enjoyable game. I can decide within the free month I get whether the game is worth paying a monthly fee for. I'm not going to say outright that I will be playing on a permanent basis. The game has to be compelling enough to WANT to play. I've bought plenty of games that I paid good money for, and later found out weren't worth the CD they were printed on. This wouldn't be much different if that is the case.

As for the time consumption: Wow's statistics show the average age to be in their 30's your point of children being the only ones with time on their hands is out of line. In fact, it might be even more compelling for families to get multiple accounts so that the family can play together, or they may just share an account between them.

The economy:
Things are rough now, but how many people have other monthly entertainment bills. People spend money on cable, renting electronics, game rentals(gamefly), movie rentals(Netflicks), or they even spend money on purchasing the movies(2-3 hours of entertainment at $20 sounds like less of a deal than $15 for hundreds of hours).

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