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Unhappy No No NO!!!

Originally Posted by bokkenblader56 View Post
To elaborate on my suggestion, you could start with, for example, 2,000 points. Each weapon would have a certain number of points attached to it...let's say that the Sniper Rifle was worth 500. The value of the Sniper Rifle would be deducted from the point total, leaving you with 1,500. I have a feeling that somebody is going to comment on the fact that I did the math...
Also, certain features should cost points, too...example, the cloth on a Heavy Trooper, coloration (say, five points per color used), visor shape, things such as that.
Oh my God... Star Wars Battlefront: Renegade Squadron did that and I'm still not happy... so, no. No points system!

Just slap BF2 together with some new features, maps, and units and I'll be happy

Oh, and add a super stormtrooper [need 20 points to unlock]! Have him with an Imperial Heavy Repeater, double-barreled commando pistol, jet pack, and touch sensitive thermal detonators! Oh, and 3x the health of a Wookiee Warrior!

You've been... THUNDERSTRUCK!

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