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Amazing JK Outcast SP Maps

I am studying some of the classic community made maps for JK O and have found some incredible ones, first one i will feature here is

Hoth: Imperial Base V3.0
pk3 file:
Updated Link 12/31/2010

Story: Kyle is sent to investigate rumors about Imperial activity at the old supposedly abandoned Hoth base we all know and love, and indeed he finds some surprises indeed.

This is one of the most amazing maps I have seen yet for either JKO or JKA, it is brilliant, exciting, well scripted, lighting is superb, cinematic in feeling and has some of the best in map features i have ever seen. I don't want to spoil anyone, but there are some wonderful easter eggs to be found herein, if you look carefully there are some ancient rebel comm machines about, listen in and you may be surprised.

It is currently hosted by one community member and I have just been given permission by THX to submitt this Level Map to the online archives in his name and so will do so forewith.

I also have an update that the author shared with me, this map is doable on Stelath mode for much of it, and indeed you can do a great deal of it without weapons, as steath is enabled. This is a rare feature and one I look foward to replaying for to see.

the cut scenes are very well done including one at the end that is cimenatic production values and hints at a continuation...which i greatly hope for

Map Review

this map dates from some years ago, but it holds its own with some of the finest current masters like Mercenary and others.

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