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Luke Skywalker:Computer Problem part 5

Millenium Falcon
Somewhere in space

Han Solo and Luke Skywalker sat quietly in the cockpit of the Millenium Falcon. Little did they know that they were being watched. Three blue ghosts of the Jedi, Yoda, Obi-Wan, and Anakin, stood quietly watching Luke and Han.

Anakin spoke first, "You know, I used to have a friend like Han. Always getting me into trouble, heheh."

Obi-Wan turned to face Anakin, "Oh, you did, did you!? What else were you hiding from me!"

Anakin's face turned red, "Master, I didn't mean to be disrespectful of you and the council. I just happened to have a lot of friends."

This made Obi-Wan angrier. "Not disrespect me?! You had a girlfriend for years and you didn't even invite me to the wedding!"

Anakin sighed, "Master, you know very well that if everyone knew I had a wife, I'd have to leave the council!"

Obi-Wan sighed as well, "Well, why did you have a girlfriend, then?"

Anakin shrugged. Obi-Wan sighed once more, "Had I known you'd have kids like Luke and Leia, we probably would've made an exception."

Anakin frowned, "Master, how would you be able to tell that I'd have kids, I didn't even know 'till I chopped off Luke's hand!"

Obi-Wan chuckled, "Fine father figure you are!"

Yoda laughed aloud, "It seems, that I'm the only one enjoying being dead and in the afterlife, hoo hoo hoo. Never stop arguing you do."

Yoda then took a packet of cheese munchies out of his cloak and started to eat and laugh.

Luke and Han sat quietly, not saying anything to each other. Han smiled and looked at Luke and spoke up first," Well, this is fun, just like the old days, eh, Luke."

Luke smiled back, "Yeah, this is fun, we're being chased by Boba Fett and we're on the run from Coruscant authorities. Yep, old times."

Han frowned, "Ah, come on Luke, you gotta have a little fun like this."

Luke chuckled, "Yep, I haven't had so much fun since my hand got cut off."

Han shook his head and brought the ship out of lightspeed. "Well, here we are, Tatooine."

The ship cruised slowly into Mos Eisley space port and landed softly on the sand. The Falcon's ramp lowered and Luke and Han walked out to the customs post. A man in a light blue shirt and pants walked up to them.

"Hello, and welcome to Mos Eisley space port! I hope you enjoy your stay."
The man was always smiling, then again, he was a tourist guide.

"Does your ship need refueling, sir?"

Han nodded, "Let me see how much the fuel is."

The man handed Han a small wooden board.Han's face showed shock, "The gas prices are through the roof! 5 credits a gallon! What's coming to the world!"

Luke nudged Han, "Maybe you should ask Leia to petition a new fuel like..."
Han elbowed Luke, "Stop being so smart, Luke! First milk over alcohol, now the force over fuel!"

Han handed the board back to the man, "Well, just fill 'er up, okay."

The man smiled, "Sure thing, oh by the way, do you know a man in green Mandalorian armor."

Han gasped, "Yeah, why?"

The man started walking away, "Oh, there's some guy in green armor at the Cantina who keeps saying he's going to catch Han Solo."

Han and Luke looked at each other and gasped aloud. They then walked back to the Falcon, slowly and carefully. Suddenly, a ship flew over head and Han and Luke looked up. A semi-small ship stood hovering in the air.

"Hey Han, what type of ship is that?"

Han looked closer, "A Fire-spray assault craft, why?"

Luke pointed at the ship's side, it said Slave 1.

Han gasped again and grabbed Luke's shoulder, "To the Cantina!"

Luke tried his best to walk\drag with Han.

Suddenly, the Slave 1's loudspeakers crackled to life.

"Hiya Solo!"

Just like old times.

Part 6 upcoming...

you very much
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