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Question Who? What? When? Where? Why? How?

Originally Posted by Karl Gone Gin View Post
On The Wii I thought he found him in a bar on Nar Shaada. Starkiller fights off loads of mercenaries, then Kota appears from behind a bar and goes with him to the Rogue Shadow
Nar Shaddaa? Loads of mercenaries? Rogue Shadow? In the 360 version, you fight Imperial Stormtroopers, Scout troopers, Senate Guards, and Jumptroopers, guiding Rahm Kota to safety (all on Bespin, and Kota is drunk)

Originally Posted by Karl Gone Gin View Post
Kota then sends Galen to Bespin looking for one of the rebel leaders who turns out to have been kidnapped by some Mandalorians. You end up fighting a Mandalorian riding a Basilisk war machine before freeing the rebel leader, who says he will contact Kota after linking up with Bail Organa
[XBOX 360] Galen then fights some "Uggernaughts" when an Imperial Lamda shuttle docks at one of the docks. It unloads a few stormtroopers and one Shadow Guard. You fight the Shadow Guard, then break it's neck. The End

And Basilisk war machine? Don't those appear in KotOR2, which takes place WAY before TFU? Where the hell where the things manufactured between the huge gap of KotOR2 and TFU?!

You've been... THUNDERSTRUCK!

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