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There are a few calsses I would like to have:

Elite: A battle-ready specialist, elites specialize in weapons and physical endurance. They should have extreme mental and physical conditioning, making them resistant to basic force powers. They can belong entirely for either side.

Bounty Hunter: Bounty hunters specialize in stealth, speed, and excel at tracking and scouting skills. They are neutral between the two sides

Explorer/Scout: These people excell at things like piloting and exploring new areas of space. These players should be able to find uncharted worlds, and sell the locations of these planets to different companies, who can then set up trade routes. They excell at space combat (by the way, does anyone know whether there is going to be space combat in the game?) Also neutral between two sides.

Mercanary: Mercanaries are a good balance between combat skills and other skills, such as copmuter, repair, things like that. It would be nice if you could slowly gain reputation, and the higher your reputation, the more that either side will pay you for a particular assignment

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