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Osay wrung her hair out over the sink. Ah, it felt good to have a nice hot shower after all that had happened earlier. She flipped her wet hair over her shoulder and strolled across the room to her bed. Now all she needed was some sleep, and she'd be as good as new. The girl took off her bathrobe and unconciously straightened her camisole, then she turned out the lights and lay down.

The door chimed softly, announcing that someone wished to enter. After being half-heartedly invited to come in, the door opened and admitted the bald-headed frame of Erussa. Despite the darkness of the room, a small smile was visible on his face.

"Good evening, dear," he said quietly. "I do hope I didn't wake you."

Osay grimaced inwardly and replied with a sigh, "No, you didn't." She stood up and pulled on her bathrobe again. "What is it?"

The old man moved into the room. "I have just had a conversation with Mr Rashel," he began, taking a seat at the small desk perched near the foot of the bed. "He sought my guidance in a matter concerning a conversation the two of you had after the climax of your rather exciting adventure this morning."

The girl crossed her arms. "Really? And just what did Mr. Rashel tell you?"

"He informed me of the nature of your relationship when you first met, as a matter of fact," he said, his eyes watching her intently. "As well as the apology you shared for the initial attitudes you took towards each other." His eyes seemed to grow brighter as he said, "He then told me about your rather... startling request just before you passed out."

Osay's cheeks reddened. "As far as that--request goes, you must understand that my mind wasn't exactly working on all thrusters. It was a slip of the tongue." Her back straightened. "And as far as our attitudes towards one another, I'd think you'd be happy that two of your students aren't at each other's throats anymore."

He was silent for a moment, still examining her closely. "I was indeed slightly worried about your personal differences, and I am quite pleased that you have set them aside for the greater good." He leant foward. "And I also understand how one can say things they don't fully mean under such stress as what you were subjected to." He gazed at her a moment, as if teetering on the edge of saying something, then continued. "But I also understand how the emotions of a young, undisciplined mind can often lead them down a path they are not fully aware they have embarked upon until it's too late."

Osay stared at him blankly for a few moments, then she uncrossed her arms and held up a finger. "Wait a second. Are you saying that I'm getting a crush on Tawnos Rashel?"

Erussa shook his head. "I would not be so bold as to make such a statement," he said simply. "However, I feel I must caution you on the dangers of emotion. While your feelings may be a powerful ally at times, they can also cause great strife, for both you and those around you. 'There is no emotion - there is peace." She gave him an odd look. He took a deep breath to gather his thoughts, and continued. "Emotions must be understood before they are acted upon, and it is a young Jedi's duty to explore their feelings. Unless a Jedi can confront their thoughts and feelings, they will never achieve peace. Emotions... are not to be overcome, or denied, but rather understood and dealt with. While your feelings for Tawnos - whatever form they may take - may be understandable, you must face them, understand them, and make your peace with them. Emotion must not take away your peace."

Osay smiled. "Don't worry, Erussa. I promise I'll keep my feelings in check."

The old man smiled, and rose from the chair. "I am glad to hear you say that," he said. "This is an important lesson to learn. I'm certain that you will be forced to face great adversity together - all of you." He moved towards the door. "But I believe I have taken enough of your time tonight, my dear," he said. "I shall now bid you good night."

"'Night." The door closed behind the old man, and Osay was left to herself once again. She shook her head. What had possessed her to say something as dumb as 'Don't leave me'? Hmph, it sounded like a line from a cheap holo-novel. Osay gave a deep sigh and took off her bathrobe again. If Erussa had gotten the impression that she wanted Tawnos to be anything more than a friend--oh, no, what if Tawnos had gotten the same impression!? She really needed to talk to him tomorrow.

Chapter 12 of A Soul Adrift is out.

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