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Mace Wintu Party Crasher 50.1 MB
Anthony Piggot
Immersive Unique Atmospheric Masterpiece

Updating Post July 2011

This remarkable SP Map is a masterpiece of style and atmosphere, you travel to the world of Malastare looking for a lost Jedi Knight. This is a total immersion as the style and the character of this world is beautifully portrayed in the levels, and the way the story is told, you have unique colors and lighting and the overall feeling is wonderfully conveyed in many details, including wonderful custom work, spaceship, furnishings, a cantina with a live action Swoop Race on screen you can actually watch, live conversations among customers, and a thrilling plot that requires Mace to sleuth and fight his way thru. In the Read Me Anthony says he had hoped to develop the Map further, but for me, this is both a favorite and I think a classic example of how good and how well made a custom SP map can be.

This Map level has full and excellent voicing and custom cut scenes and many special features. I am very glad Anthony released this for us all. He also has some other excellent maps, he is one of our top map makers and an example for how complete an experience a good SP map can be.

Anthony also did these other excellent maps and levels:

AK Piggott SP Maps and Levels

JK Outcast

Mace Windu: Party Crasher (for JO):


Birth of a Mercenary (for MotS):

Darth vader Luke Battle on Death Star

Birth of a Mercenary Part 1

Birth of a Mercenary Part 2

Birth of a Mercenary Part 3

Tales of a Mercenary Chapter 1

Tales of a Mercenary Chapter 2

Anthony also has authored an amazing mod in which you play as Darth Vader, with beautiful scenes, scripting and cut scenes, it is 99% completed and Anthony is looking at finishing it up. This mod is fully voiced and totally professional in quality.

Update: A while ago Anthony indicated he may take a look at the project and consider completion. We await events and certainly hope so.
Beta as it is today:

Enter the Dark Lord

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