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BBC Radio Prank - was it too much?

I'm sure that those of us in the UK are well aware of the storm developing over a phone prank played by two radio presenters the other week:

BBC Apologises over Prank
Ofcom to launch investigation

Indeed, this has been such a large issues that the Prime Minister has even spoken about it.

It certainly raises questions that the show's editors felt that it was acceptable to put on the air in the first place, as this has obviously caused distress to the victims, who, in my opinion does not deserve to be humiliated in such a way, on a national Radio Station.

It seems to be a pretty divisive issue as well - many see it as 'harmless fun', but on the other side many see it as a 'step too far'.

My question is this:

Is it right that media hosts (be they TV or radio) should do such things in the name of entertainment?

Did they indeed go too far in the name of comedy?

And, what actions, if any should the BBC take? Should the people involved be punished?
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