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What the blazes have I gotten myself into? Lite was pacing about in her assigned room not comfortable with the fact that she had put herself in the hands of people she didn’t know; people convinced that they were on a mission to save the blasted galaxy, as if she cared.

I should be on a freighter off this lousy world. Not in some place with five brats and an old man!

Lite continued to pace. She let her eyes wander around looking for any and all potential means of escape. It was a habit cultivated from her years at the Academy, looking for ways to get out of the dormitories and the grounds without the guards looking. It was how she had managed to escape when she wanted out.

Why am I here? I ain’t nobody special.

Even though Lite was anxious to be on her way and alone, a part of her wondered why she was brought there. No one in the Academy, certainly not the professors, said she was special or capable of anything. Ever since she entered, she learned her lessons but so disliked authority that they said she would never amount to anything. They always thought of her as unruly yet here were people who said she was worth something.

It was worth the stay to find out why. However if they tried to make her do things she didn’t want to do, then she was out of there. Rules for followers. She was not one of them. She made her own decisions and lived with them. That was how she was. “And don’t think that I won’t leave if I don’t like it!” she voiced out loud.

“I’m quite certain I believe you,” said a voice from the door. Erussa stepped in, his arms clasped behind his back and his brow furrowed slightly.

Lite made an impolite snort and asked, “And why do you think you can sneak up on everybody?”

“It was not my intent to startle you,” he said softly. He moved into the room, though the door remained open behind him. He gazed at her for a moment, then, “There’s no need for hostilities, Lite,” he said, “I assure you that I am not your enemy.”

Lite had watched him leave the door open. She wondered if that was a sign of trust in that she was free to leave if she wished. The cynical side of her said that the old man was afraid of what she might do to him if he didn’t let her go.

His responses had been soft and gentle, like a parent soothing a petulant child. Lite wondered if he used that voice on everybody as she answered rather rudely, “Promises and then once you think you have a good thing going, you get backstabbed.”

The old man raised his hands. “No one here wishes to betray you. Your fear and mistrust are understandable, but unfounded.”

“I’m not afraid of anything least of all you,” Lite retorted, “A person looks out for number one and that number one is me. So give me your little speech and leave me alone.”

Lite was never that rude to anyone before and she knew it. She still resented the fact that she was not asked to come wherever she was. The fact that she was unconscious escaped her as she sat there with her fiery green eyes snapping and watching Erussa.

Erussa gazed at her, a dark expression crossing his face. “Your thoughts betray you, child,” he said, his voice reflecting the look on his face. “I feel I must remind you that it was I and your fellow students that in fact rescued you from the alleys of the South Quarter. You would do well to remember that and adjust your behavior accordingly.”

“Or what? You going to make me? Your little kath pack may have saved my neck but I don’t owe you anything.” Lite’s temper was up and as it were she could throw a punch. She didn’t like being told what to do if it curtailed her freedom and it showed. “The only thing I owe you is a thanks and then I’m gone.”

“Your anger will only serve to make matters worse. I assure you that if you attempt to harm me, you will not escape this facility unharmed.” The old man’s voice was growing stronger and louder as well, and his blue eyes turned ice cold. “You must learn to control your temper, child, or it will one day bring you into things you cannot escape.”

“Bold talk from a Jedi,” Lite retorted, unabashed by the old man’s voice getting louder, “Thought they were peace pushers.”

Lite didn’t move but continued to stand. She managed not to lose her temper as she stared straight back at the old man. She then asked, “So what are you trying to pitch to me.?”

Erussa moved along the perimeter of the room, still staring intently at Lite. “You are needed Lite,” he said much more calmly than before. “You do not realize it, but you have a great destiny before you. I can help you become more than you ever believed possible- but you must allow me to do so. You must let go of your anger child, or it will lead you down a path of destruction.”

Lite’s eye never left Erussa as he move around the perimeter of her room. She stood still and quiet listening. She didn’t believe in the whole destiny thing but the idea of becoming something more was appealing. After all people thought she wouldn’t amount to much and here was a chance to prove otherwise. She raised a brow and looked at Erussa. In a calm voice she said, “You can teach me but I don’t buy the destiny crap. People make their own.”

Erussa nodded. “Then come. I can teach you how to control your passions and turn them to your advantage without losing control of them.”

Lite nodded and sat on her bed. “I’ve got the whole night.”

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