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pfeh! bastila owns! look at the title: 'who is hotter? look at the poll. bastila was *designed* to be hot, just like atris was designed to be hated! (see the atris opinion thread)
handmaiden: i have yet to play as a male in k2, so i dont know about her. but looking a the screenshots, and seeing her on telos, she seems nice, but IMO would look better with longer hair! (any mod for this?)
visas:ive seen her in a comic picture. shes hot. and her voice actor is a model afaik.
mira: she's great, but again, the hair. handmaiden would just look nice, but mira... what in heaven, earth, and hell is that?!!
the designers probably wanted to try make a new starwarsy hairstyle like leia's doughnuts.
juhani: shes nice as a character, but not hot in my book. but i think thats good. not everyone has to be hot, you know. the put in some real people in there and thats great
yaddle: um... does any human woman think yoda is hot?
but her character is great! so sad that she died!
are there mods changing hair styles? coz that would be totally awesome!

mfw I read the Revan novel

it is not a cry of joy.
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