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The day began early for the six young would-be Jedi. They were roused from their various sleep stages early in the morning, and after a quick breakfast of sorts were escorted by droids to a large, dark room that seemed to be in the centre of the compound. There were 6 stone chairs running along the circular wall, all facing inwards towards a large open space. Erussa stood in the middle of the room, his arms stretched out in greeting.

“Good morning,” he said warmly. He indicated the stone chairs. “Please, be seated.” He waited for them to be seated and comfortable before continuing.

“It is somewhat ironic, in a way, that you have been brought here - you have been brought out of one world, from a place of learning, to an entirely new world, one that you did not know existed. Yet still, you are brought into this world through another place of learning, housed beneath the world you once knew. To prepare you for the lives you will lead from this day forward, you must be taught and trained in the ways of the ancient Order that you will henceforth represent and uphold.

“Before you learn to channel and use the Force itself, you must first take steps towards understanding it. In order to do so, you will need to know of the Jedi Code, as it has been taught for countless millennia, passed on from Master to Padawan for generations. The five tenants of the Jedi Code have guided the destinies of the greatest figures in the Order’s history, from Grand Masters Yoda and Skywalker, to the Knights of the Recession, to the Knights of the Old Republic.

“The first of these tenants is perhaps the most difficult to understand. Many Jedi have been led down the path of the Dark Side, not heeding it words: there is no emotion, there is peace. The emotions of the sentient mind are one of the least understood aspects of the Galaxy. Many of the Galaxy’s brightest minds have attempted to explain what they are, where they come from, and why they exist in the first place. Many of those outside the Order see this tenant as stating that a Jedi is immune to the workings of his heart; that they do not feel happiness, or anger, or anguish. But that is not the case.

“For the Jedi, emotions serve as a powerful tool. They allow us to be objective through subjectivity - seeing the Galaxy as through the eyes of a being outside the Order, who does not feel the flow of the Force. To see the Galaxy from both this and through the eyes of the Force are important to the life and work of a Jedi Knight.

“In order to use their emotions, a Jedi must first come to understand them - for if one gives in to their emotions without first understanding how to control them, they risk becoming a tool of the Dark Side. It is the responsibility of every young Jedi to search their feelings, and make peace with them before allowing themselves to tap into their power. Emotion must not be allowed to detract from one’s sense of peace.

“The followers of the Dark Side, however, would have you believe differently. Of the many variations of the Sith teachings that have existed over the years, one aspect has remained consistent: the belief that one’s power must come unimpeded from their emotions. They allow their emotions to run rampant, and must surrender their control in order to continue fuelling their command of the Force.

“The Sith philosophy can easily begin from that of the Jedi. Emotions are an ever-changing force, constantly shifting in ways that even the wisest of Jedi cannot easily predict. What begins as something greatly beneficial, can quickly become a violent reaction that lures one unknowingly down the path of the Dark Side. A Jedi must always be mindful of their feelings within the living Force, or risk losing control and sacrificing their peace.”

He fell silent, and gazed out at his pupils. “Do any of you have any questions?”
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