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Gherion took a moment to collect his thoughts and organize what Erussa had just taught him into his own mind. This experience had a very significant level of excitement to it, and at times Gherion felt as if he had been vaulted back hundreds, even thousands of years, sitting before one of the old Grand Masters and learning the basics of their ancient Order. Indeed, he could not see that scenario being of much better quality for nostalgia and giddiness than this one, but Gherion remained composed and processed the lesson. If he was to become a Jedi, then he would devote himself to knowing everything, possessing all the comprehension that he could and devouring each single lecture like the precious drop of golden essence it was. He would not be a Jedi of battle, and so he would have to focus all his efforts on learning the mysteries and philosophies of the Force, which was not at all a painful prospect. He loved philosophy, and craved Jedi knowledge, so the future was very bright for the half-Echani, very bright indeed. He looked over at Tawnos, his friend of only a few days, and realized that if there was anyone in this entire galaxy that he would want by his side in Jedi training, it was him. The man had a passion for this parallel to Gherion, and he would no doubt be a powerful ally. The philosopher wondered to himself what class Tawnos would take.

As Erussa finished speaking, Gherion raised his hand, but did not wait to begin his reiteration. "So, what you're suggesting is that emotions are a powerful current that lie in the depths of all sentient beings. That, if done properly, much of a Jedi's strength and perception is drawn from that current, allowing us to feel stronger in the Force overall, and see the 'living Force', as you call it, more clearly. It bolsters our connection with the Force, as well as gives us the power to see lives relatively untouched by the Force. But it works the same way as a sort of river current. It can be used for relative importance to what it is, but, if mishandled, can drag you under."

Erussa nodded. "As I have said, you show a wisdom beyond your years."

“Yes, thank you…” Gherion said, not paying much attention to the compliment, “And what of grey Jedi? You mentioned the Jedi and Sith philosophies on emotion, but I’m curious as to what the philosophy of a Force-User unattached to either religious sect was like.”

"The idea of the 'Grey' Jedi is one that has been greatly misunderstood throughout the ages. Jedi of the 'Grey' persuasion are not necessarily that different from those who follow the path of the Light - nor of the Dark. Grey is not a middle way, chosen as a balance between the two Orders. Rather, a Grey Jedi is merely an individual who was once associated with the Jedi Order, though has chosen to sever ties with the Council. There is no single set of teachings dedicated to such an alignment."

Gherion had suspected as much, but had asked to make sure. He wanted to understand all sides of the Force, not just from one view. It had seemed, during his years studying the remains of Jedi history the rest of the galaxy had access to, that he had only been receiving two stories from perspectives limited by codes and tenants. He had nothing against the Jedi code, found it to be admirable, time-tested, and would follow it to the tee, but he felt that he needed the contrast between all perspectives to truly understand each facet of this all-powerful, all-binding Force. Knowing that there were other perceptions, individual interpretations based on years of galvanization culminating in a severance of ties with an order of Force-users, was a widening of knowledge that gave Gherion the ability to view all sides of the story, and recognize that these teachings were not meant to be absolute, but were subject to a change in version fitting each Jedi Knight. To a certain degree, of course.

“I have one more question.” Gherion said, thinking back to the night before the kidnapping, and his proverbial time with Jolee Bindo, “I know from my studies that several Jedi Knights, even before the dissolution of the Old Order, fell to the Dark Side, but managed to redeem themselves. Can you tell me how that was typically done, and what lead to such a drastic change of heart after falling so far?”

As Gherion spoke, he cast his eyes over to Ashalle, who was watching him speak, a smile creasing the edges of her mouth. Gherion was not sure why she was smiling, as everyone else was wearing serious composures, most likely thinking to themselves, intently watching Erussa as if entranced by his presence. She, however, was starting straight at Gherion, and in the back of his mind, a familiar sensation of closeness tugged at him, reminded him of what they had endured together that nobody else here could truly understand. A warmth embraced him, something pure and invigorating, but all too brief. Gherion pulled his mind away and focused it on Erussa, who looked as if he was about to speak. He could not afford distractions and did not register the emotions for longer than a few seconds before dismissing them to the back of his psyche.

Erussa considered for a moment. "It is difficult to say," he began. "You have perhaps learned of the fall and redemption of one Anakin Skywalker, also known as Darth Vader - it is indeed one of the most legendary tales in history. Lord Vader was redeemed through his strong feelings towards the young Jedi Luke Skywalker, his son. The act of rescuing his son from the clutches of the Dark Lord Sidious, coupled with his own remorse over betraying his own flesh, broke the hold of the Dark Side and returned him to the Light.

"But such an act of redemption can only occur when rooted in deep, positive emotions that by their nature simply refuse to fuel the sinister influence of one's Dark power - and again, such emotions are rare, and generally tend to form only between two beings both extremely powerful in the Force, allowing for their strength to break the power of Darkness."

“So, it requires another strongly solidified in the Light Side of the Force to help redeem one that has fallen to darkness?” Gherion stroked his beard, his mind perusing Erussa’s elaboration.

Erussa nodded. "The Dark Side of the Force is indeed powerful - but it is a corruptive power, twisted and evil. There does come a time when one becomes too consumed by the Dark Side that even the most prevailing and devoted Jedi cannot redeem them. But if they can forced to see the horror of their actions through the bonds that tie them to one devoted to the Light, then there is still hope."

Gherion nodded, smiling. “That’s all I wanted to ask. I think I’ve got this.” After a nod from Erussa, Gherion pulled out his datapad and began copying notes from memory, jotting down only the ones he felt required specific emphasis. The Jedi code would be alive and well, Gherion would help make this so, and in doing such, he would help heal the galaxy.
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