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Tawnos listened intently as Erussa spoke of the Jedi Code. He already knew the Code, of course, though had been able to find very little information on its meaning, most of it having been lost along with the rest of the Order's teachings. He knew, however, that the popular idea of the cold, unfeeling Jedi was false; that because of the nature of their power, they often felt emotions far deeper than most others through their near-physical tie to the Galaxy around them.

As Gherion fell silent, Tawnos raised his own hand. Erussa acknowledged him, and he moved forward in his seat as he spoke.

"What's always mystified me about the Jedi Code is the hand-in-hand idea that Love is to be forbidden. Surely such an emotion couldn't possibly be a bad thing? I mean, Jedi are encouraged to love all forms of life, are they not? Why then is falling in love seen as so dangerous?"

"What you must strive to understand is that Love itself is not what poses the risk to a Jedi's peace; rather, it is the attachment inherent within Love that poses the risk. When that attachment is forcibly broken, emotions such as grief will inevitable threaten to consume the Jedi in question."

"But doesn't the Order teach the idea that death is a joyous occassion?"

Erussa held out a hand. "Patience, young Padawan. We will discuss that particular aspect of the Code when the time comes." He smiled. "Though your thirst for knowledge is admirable."

Tawnos nodded, even though his question had not been answered to his satisfaction. He still didn't understand. In his mind, Love served to save one from the lure of the Dark Side, not lead them towards it. Even in the legends of Darths Vader and Sidious, it had been Love that had redeemed Lord Vader, and destroyed the power of the Emperor; Vader's love for his son had brought him to return to the Light, not served to condemn him.

He pushed the matter from his mind, and leant back in his chair. Perhaps he would understand in time, as their lessons progressed.
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