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Originally Posted by Lance Monance View Post
However..MMOs do not revolve around a story like SRPGs do. In SRPGs you need a story and immersion to motivate people, in MMOs you don't. MMOs are about interaction with other players, that's why they are MMOs. To me, the simple fact that there are other players in the game diminishes immersion. That's an entirely subjective preference ofc, but I think it is not unreasonable to assert that games that focus on story tend to be better storywise than games that focus on story and OTHER things.
They likened it to New York and all of the superheros there(Marvel comics). Basically if any one of them doesn't show up that day the world is doomed. You could be on your own quest and not see another person except maybe in passing as they are off to do their own quest. He also said that they designed the game around people who don't like MMO's. He also made sure to mention that 40% of MMO gamers don't like other people. But still it's too early. They could just be blowing smoke. Raising up their MMO as any good marketing staff would do.

I dunno, maybe I'm just listening to more news than most are. I heard the recording of the Q and A portion of the announcement. Aside from "We're not talking about that" Story and immersion were the most common themes.
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