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Originally Posted by Jae Onasi View Post
We have 4 Guild Wars accounts now so that we can play together as a family. It cost us a fair amount (though we got the latter 2 accounts on sale as the prices came down), but less than the cost of going to the movies 3 times as a family. Instead of family game night around the kitchen table, we have family game night on the computers. I'm hoping TOR has a family discount....
Haha if you count in the 4 large sodas at movie theater prices and the popcorn for the kids(and usually a shared one for the adults) the cost of a movie out is more expensive than a month of gaming at an online MMO.

Tickets around $30(if the kids are young enough....)
Drinks/Treats/headache medicine(might not be your kids, but other kids)/therapy bill.... Definately more than $30

So the monthly comes out cheaper for an online game than one night at the movies... at worst 2 nights at the movies.

I hope the have a family discount too Jae. It would make for more people playing.
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