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I wanted a singleplayer RPG. Every MMO I've played, (always just trial versions) I have to deal with annoying players, server lag, and the overall disappointment of the fact that there would be monthly payments if I decided to keep playing...

When I play an RPG, I want to be away from human contact. If it's an FPS like Halo 1-3, I want multiplayer. Multiplayer has always ruined my brief MMO gaming experiences. That and this game just isn't what I was hoping for. I just wanted to be Revan again, and go another exciting adventure. Thusly, why I'm not going to even try this game... (Also because I highly doubt my computer can handle the graphics.)

I'm willing to buy a well-made SPRPG for as much as $50. But monthly payments for an MMO where I'm stuck playing as a 'nobody' isn't my idea of fun and adventure.

I've always loved those moments in the first Kotor, where it's really just spectacular and fun, the storyline that made me really feel part of the game.

But in an MMO, I'm forced to be a nobody. Even if this game has a great stroyline, I know that it would be ruined by a hundred morons coming in and yelling all the typical stuff: "noob, pwned, owned, [insert leetspeak]," etc, etc.


Please feed the trolls. XD

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