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I disagree with it being more Falloutish then Oblivionish ^^ Both me and my friend played thourgh the begining then when we went outside the vault and started exploring we went into a raider base. After being in there for like a minute we both looked on eachother and said "This feels like Oblivion". Well i haven't played so long yet, but im not too impressed yet.

I think the random bases feels way to much like the dungeons in Oblivion, and i really don't think it belong to the Fallout universe to have raider bases evrywhere, i mean in whole Fallout 1 & 2 we encoutered like three raider bases and they were story bases. It would be alot better if they did it like STALKER where the raiders actually move around the world (Well maybe they do, but i havent encounterd any yet in the way im thinking)

And i really wondering about the removal of traits, was it to much of a hassle to have start traits like in 1 & 2 ? Where they to similar to perks for Bethseda to bother make them ?

But overall the game is pretty funny, but not like the old Fallout games, i have the feel of playing Oblivion with guns and alittle better dialougs. But like i said, i havent played for to long so my opinion may change when i get more into the main story.

And a last note, i was pretty dissapointing in the Vault, they should have make the layout like the old vaults instead of random passages. Like this
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