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Originally Posted by Lantzen View Post
I disagree with it being more Falloutish then Oblivionish ^^ Both me and my friend played thourgh the begining then when we went outside the vault and I think the random bases feels way to much like the dungeons in Oblivion, and i really don't think it belong to the Fallout universe to have raider bases evrywhere, i mean in whole Fallout 1 & 2 we encoutered like three raider bases and they were story bases. It would be alot better if they did it like STALKER where the raiders actually move around the world (Well maybe they do, but i havent encounterd any yet in the way im thinking)
It's definitely similar in many aspects (similar graphic and gameplay), but writing and atmosphere isn't one of them, IMO. But each to their own. It's purely a matter of opinion.

I agree about the raiders, though I must say that it doesn't bother me that much; I never expected this game to be just like the first two Fallouts anyway. In fact, I chose not to compare it to the first two Fallouts at all. This helps me get over some annoyances... if I don't consider it to be a sequel, but rather a game set in the Fallout universe.

It would be nice if they could release a construction set. That way I would be able to get rid of all of the annoyances pretty fast.

Originally Posted by Lance Monance View Post
EDIT: Ok, that gamebanshee article.. is that true? Quest are worse than Oblivion's?
As far as I can tell, that's definitely not true. I think the one who wrote that review never played or enjoyed the first two Fallouts, but liked Oblivion.

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