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Originally Posted by DarthParametric View Post
The majority of their supposed target market might try it, but I can't see them continuing for long, which is what you want as a developer.
Ah, but you assume that we are the target audience, which we are definitely not. The target audiences are MMO players and Star Wars fans, in that order. It has to be, because the likelihood of hooking a gamer that hasn't already fallen for another MMO already is pretty slim. The number of people that actually have KOTOR in their minds other than it being "a pretty good game I played a few years ago" isn't really that big, and certainly not enough to pay for a MMO server for a very long time.

Since the writer for the original KOTOR is busy with other projects(though I suppose he could have worked on it a bit in the past if they really have been working on this for a couple of years), I imagine that there are only two reasons that the game takes place in the Old Republic at all. The Galactic Civil War era is already covered by SWG, and the Old Republic era gives them a more or less blank slate on which to write. The fact that it is not too incredibly distant in events from the KOTOR games is just a matter of circumstance.

All that said, I still plan to give the game a shot(hopefully in Beta). I actually do enjoy MMOs occasionally and even enjoyed WoW for a time. If Bioware can make a game world(galaxy) that is as detailed as WoWs, with combat that feels like it came out of one of the movies(like they claim to be doing) and with good PvP options(I dislike role playing without the option of PvP) then I will probably enjoy it for a while at least. Of course, if it turns into a raidfest like WoW ended up doing, my enjoyment will likely wain as all of my friends get caught up in raid fever. Despite what some people think, you don't need to raid in WoW. There are tons of other things to do if you take the freaking blinders off.
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