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Originally Posted by Yar-El View Post
(1) Under $10 subscription fee per month. Why? BioWare's Tens of millions of fans statement. BioWare is betting on a large audience; thus, any subscription over $10 a month would be greedy. One dollar from a million fans generates a million dollars a month. Could you add things up if five million fans each paid $20 per month for one year. Greed.
I don't see where you have accounted for any of the costs here. New content and big servers and expensive.

Originally Posted by Yar-El View Post
(3) A save option. I don't want to pay into months of progress so that I can't reset if something goes wrong. Money = Time = Progress. Taking away the save option will waste and burn money. Why would I want to play a game where I spend hours on progress, so an insane or angry fan could kill me off. Are we talking about arcades, or are we talking about a pc game? *Insert another quater to start over* Ouch.
They have already said they aren't doing this.

Originally Posted by Yar-El View Post
(4) Quality graphics, content, and experiences. I'm not paying for Super Mario Kart Online. I want a game that mirrors the originals. I don't want Cartoon Network meets Star Wars. Lame.
But those things cost money, and you have already said that you want to pay less than the standard fees.

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