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its hard to get an idea of how to insert classes you woul like to see on ag ame that has so many unknowns.
we dont know how class mechanics will work.. will it be a pve or pvp based game? or both? will it have starships and will classes/professions influence this?
balance was alwyas something that had extreme importance to me in my long mmo experience and as of yet only 2 games managed to a degree to get pretty close to that both pve and pvp wise.

but an extensive and EPIC massive SW universe based mmorpg with strong good vs evil plots with strong interactivity in both worls and spaceship was always something I though about.
for one since the immersion of the game is in the Kotor eras I can safely say that unlike galaxies I would like a HEAVY presence of force users, but with very very specific atunments.
somethings about classes that I imagined and brief descriptions

1)Officer <both factions>
(this class would only exist if theg ame had strong emphasis in both spaceship warfare, ground vehicle warfare and overall mass scale pvp/pve battles)
- the officer would be the class with litle to no domain over force powers and have litle combat options (like a vibroblade melee weapon and single blaster ranged weapon) ofc the reason for thi lack of individual power would be because he could have superior use of large war machines like starships, AT-ST T-2Bs etc aswell as have powerfull buffs for large scae groups. every group would need the officer for large scale war as in large scale war without big and strong hard points being used (vehicles ships bunkers tanks etc) one looses too much power and possibly the whole battle.
this would be a tank class in pve through the use of vehicles or possibly exosuit types.

2) Soldier <both factions>
the bread and butter of both factions hopefully this class would have a good balance between his defencive and offencive power, wouldnt use the force but would have tools to fend off an possibly hurt or kill force users. ofc this class would be very strong in solo, but overall it would not exell in any area.. it would fly or drive vehicles but never as good and efective as officer, would do dmg but never as efective as a sith marauder in melee or a bounty hunter/Comando in ranged, would tank nicely but not as well as a jedi/sith sabermaster
think of it as a hybrid that was apealing for its adapting situations and usefullness in many roles, and the ability to backup heal himself and others.

3) Bounty hunter <both factions>
ranged dps and crowdcontrol/utility
this class should be all about his dps in pve enviroment, be it heavy blaster carabines small rockets or theraml detonators, big bangs and pew pew is his deal. should be unmatched at that role (assuming similiar lvls of gear) would also have nice forms of CC for mainly pvp (jetpack stuff comes to mind aswell as nets/ropes)
in pvp he should be very easily kiled if one managed to caught up to him through his defencive CC.

4) Comando <both factions>
utility/CC +ranged dps
unlike the bounty hunter this class should provide moderate dps (same lvl as a soldier I'd say) but what he would be needed for would be his strong CC and group dps buffs.
in pvp he wouldnt be much difrent from a bounty hunter but compensate on the lack of dmg and aoe dmg with more thoughness and stealth gameplay

5) Jedi Sabermaster <Sith Sabermaster>
a melee combatant, emphasis on using a single long bladed lightsaber with extreme skill and discipline delfecting and/or dodging even the strongest of blows or blaster fire.
this would be the main tank class, would be extremly hard to kill but with average dmg with decent amount of utility through force powers (snares <force grip/stun> ,knockbacks <force push/pull>,speed <force speed>)

6) Jedi Consular <Sith Consular>
average melee dmg, weak survivability, strong utility.
the jedi consular would be the exquisite force user of the jedi order, with extreme knowledge of the mysteries of the force he would provide powerfull buffs and healing to his group, as well as when need to, he would pull out his lightsaber to do average dmg possibly heavy dmg though self buffs and on low armored targets, or if when the target is resilient to melee dmg he would use the force to push throw levitate or even crush the target or objects towards the target to deal dmg
the sith consular withbe similiar in every way but only wich powers used would be difrent I guess... while a jei would use for exemple force crush to throw a rock at the enemy a sith would force lightning or instead of force heal he would use force regenerate or something like that.

7) Jedi Sentinel <Sith marauder>
the sentinel and them rauder would be the masters of melee combat dps, they would deal enourmous amounts of dmg (just not as high as the bounty hunter and comando since the jedi melee version will have force powers to aid them)
these are also very easily kiled if caught up in a situation where their force powers would have given them all the exacpes they could get
unlike their jedi force user peers these classes will emphasize on using double bladed staff lightsabers or dual weild short lightsabers, the light side version would use the force to conceal and confuse their enemies (stealth + mindtricks/force jumps) and the dark side version would focus on buffing them with temporary greater dmg or higher resistence or disabling the target(dark rage/force grip)

thats it for classes

professions would be nice to have subleties to the game but hat ultimetly would be a requirment to have some among many, for exemple, would be good to be able to pick profession like "Moisture farming" to craft food to regen/minor buff you and your friends.
"engeneering" to repair and upgrade ships/vehicles/turrets
"forger" to craft pysical parts/items such as lightsaber hilts/crystals, weapon upgrades or even armor upgrades (both as if they were enchants)
"smith" to build armor and blaster/vibroblade type weapons

I also feel it would be cool that even non pure military classes (like jedi/sith force users) couldnt fly ships or operate vehicles and would have a "profession" to give them a very small ability to fly ships or drive vehicles (just so they could buy and use vehicles of their own instead of relyin on others to travel but they couldnt use them in combat nor fly as cheap/fast)
the same about pure military classes like soldiers not being able to use the force they could have a profession that would give them a small amount of non combat aplicable force training (I dunno like see through doors <force sense or something>)
"basic Piloting" and "basic force sensitivity"

one should only be able to pick 1 main profession and 1 secondary one so one woukd have to sacrifice alot to get one of those 2 professions

some force powers would like to see:
Force push -> pushes the enemy knocking it back forward 10-20y (all jedi sith would have it, damage and efectiveness calculate based on stats dominant on pure force users like the consular)
force pull -> same but designed to get the oponent into melee at the cost of it dmg factor)
force speed-> movement speed increase for X chanc to deal extra lightsaber attack (consular would not have this fori ts melee combat atuned)
force crush -> using the force to do dmg to a target or using an object to hit it at high dmg (unique to jedi consular)
force lightning -> aoe dmg need I say more? unique to sith consular
Dark rage -> temporary increase of dmg/armor/resitance (marauder+sith consular)
Force shield -> temporary dmg shield (jedi consular)
Force sight -> temporary increase of dodge/defence (sentinel+jedi consular)
Force regenerate -> heal over time that gets boosted if doing dmg (Sith consular)
Force heal -> big heal (Jedi consular)
meh so much more stuff that I can see put in game here

meh long post just shows how much I though about it >_<
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