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I'm not really playing anything outside of GMax (modeling program for those who don't know), but, when I do, I've been going down the road of nostalgia and playing some old PSX games from when I was a wee tyke. Games like Crash Bandicoot

I've attempted to play other games (TFU, GH:3, MP:3, ect), but until I get this TV situation sorted out, (our living room one was going funky, so it went into my room. The one in my room went in the back, the one in the back went down here, while the one down here went up until we can get our new TV set up. Then, everything will be back to normal. I will miss the HD shows, but meh) I can't really play anything higher then PSX games, because the graphics stink big time. (because of the low def TV down here, not the games, mind you)

Other then Crash, I've been turning TSL on every once in a while to test stuff.
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