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Originally Posted by Prime View Post
I don't see where you have accounted for any of the costs here. New content and big servers and expensive.

They have already said they aren't doing this.

But those things cost money, and you have already said that you want to pay less than the standard fees.
Yeah. Everything cost something. My posts about The Old Republic reflect my inexperience of such games. I have only seen screnes from Star Wars: Gallaxies.

Originally Posted by DarthParametric View Post
I think a lot of KOTOR fans have the same sort of expections or hopes as you Yar-El, which is to say they have no concept of how an MMO works (not to be offensive - it's perfectly reasonable to expect in a KOTOR game, you just ain't going to get it in an MMO). That's one of the reasons why it's such a lame move. The majority of their supposed target market might try it, but I can't see them continuing for long, which is what you want as a developer.
None taken. I have come clean before on this subject. I have zero experience with MMOs. Maybe that is why I see things in such a awkward fashion.
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