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Originally Posted by stingerhs View Post
all this comparisons to Oblivion, i think, is just utter nonsense. IMHO, this game is its own game pure and simple. yes, you can tell its from the same developer, but i really don't see the point in sweating out little details like "the lighting is similar" or "it feels like they scattered Oblivion dungeons everywhere". if you go in comparing it to Oblivion, then that's all you'll see. if you go in to just play the game, i know you'll have a lot of fun because i'm having a lot of fun.

yes, i notice similarities between the two games, but the main reason is that i pay attention to a lot of technical nuances. that comes from being a detail-oriented programmer and not from a desire to pick the game apart trying to find every last similarity to other games.

so far, i'm having a lot of fun, but for the moment, my character is struggling a bit because he can't seem to find enough ammo....
Yeah, opinions is a bitch, aint they ?

@Lance: Well like i said, Fallout 2 atleast top my list of best games i played, and i played all those you listed there. And i think all the games you listed also is very good, Kotor, PS:T, BG2 are atleast very high up on my same list. And like SpaceAlex said, they all have there strength and weakness, like i don't think there is a game that even can come close to match PS:T story and dialougs, but it's still aint my favorite RPG
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